WIP: Darkoath Chieftain

Once again it’s #wipwednesday so here’s another model from my workbench, the characterful Darkoath Chieftain.

I’ve only been working on this guy for a few hours, so the painting is still pretty rough. More a case of sketching in the colours with thin layers and glazes. You can still see the zenithal base coat I applied underneath in some places.

I also did some customisation of the base using Shattered Dominion and extra bone debris from Toadking Castings. The latter have become a hobby staple for my bitz box. I’ve added extra skulls, including one from an avian creature to echo the trophies on the Chieftain himself.

I always work on the base at the same time as the model – it should never be an after thought.

Come back at the weekend for the next Showcase!

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