SHOWCASE: Disciples of Tzeentch

In the fractal realities of Tzeentch’s labyrinth, time and space are subverted. Years pass in the blink of an eye and prisoners of these chaotic realms find themselves spontaneously vomited out into planes of existence very different from those they left behind.

In the world that was, I was working on a Chaos Sorcerer and a mutant flock of Forsaken. Now, these warped servants of Tzeentch find themselves fully painted and reborn into the Mortal Realms. Let’s take a look.

Balazaan Voidcaller, Arch-Magister of the Panopticon of Tzeentch debuted on over two years ago. Converted from a Chaos Warshrine Keeper, spare parts from a Herald of Tzeentch and Forsaken, Balazaan is my take on the mutable gifts bestowed by the Lord of Change. Half man, half daemon, the Arch-Magister is a mass of hulking muscle and gangling tentacles.

Blessed with a single, baleful eye, This sorcerer can see into multiple realities at once. The very ground splits and erupts under his feet as he conjures eldrich blue flames from his runestaff.

I’m pretty happy with how the object source lighting turned out – illuminating his outstretched arm and halo.

I’ve magnetised him to a base I bitz ordered from a Chaos Terminator Lord. Come back soon to see what else I’ve painted to magnetise him to!

In the spirit of finishing what I started, I’ve also done these Forsaken to table-top standard. I must admit this was before the Arcanites were released and the do look pretty dumb compared to Kairic Acolytes and Tzaangors!






These are my two favourites from this quintet of goons. They were actually really effective in the last game of Age of Sigmar that I played!

As ever, please leave word of encouragement, tips and bot-spam nonsense in the comments below!

One thought on “SHOWCASE: Disciples of Tzeentch

  1. Sublime work on the Sorcerer. The Forsaken are nicely painted, but the models are what they are, and you’ve done a nice job melding the Chaos Warriors with the old Mutation sprue parts. (and a bit more than that, by the look of them!)

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