New Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch!

Shiny new Tzeench Chaos Warriors spotted! Well… not so new actually. I’ve been collecting a Tzeentch army for a few years and have been wanting to blog about it for ages. In fact, I’ve taken so long to that Games Workshop moved on and released Age of Sigmar before my army was ever ready for a game of Warhammer! Regardless, here is the first of many new posts about my enduring Games Workshop addiction.

Dating back to 2004, the venerable Chaos Warriors kit still looks awesome. Each Warrior inscrutable under their horned helms, marching in lock-step behind towering runeshields; an inexorable force of ruin and devastation. With my unit’s dedication to Tzeentch in mind I decided on a very limited palette with lots of blue tones. The models started off with a dark blue basecoat – Cantor Blue or the old Necron Abyss. To offset the blue I opted for bronze armour and trim which I built up with drybrushes and glazes of Vallejo Bronze. Once the other base colours were in place I gave each model a liberal wash of Drakkenhoff Nightshade to give it a blue cast.

Here’s the unit ranked up in the traditional way. To be honest I won’t miss ranking models up, but I still think it looks great. To denote the command models I opted for a splash colour of magenta – another colour typically associated with Tzeentch. The banner designates their alignment to the Architect of Fate – a kitbash using a standard top from the Chaos Chariot and an icon of Tzeentch from the 40K Chaos vehicle kit.

The Aspiring Champion is converted to make him a bit more imposing. I particularly like the bone amulets hanging from his armour.

The freehand on the standard is based on the design found on the amulets around the necks of some of the Chaos Warriors. I figured it could represent the symbol of their clan, or a blasphemous rune of protection.

The Hornblower glowers from behind his Runeshield. As I love the eerie anonymity of the Warriors I used a Chaos Knight head so that he can actually blow his horn without taking his helmet off!

The Chaos Sorceror was great fun to paint. Throughout my army I’ve used a glowing blue for everything magical and arcane. At some point I may freehand some runes on his robe, what do you think?

Here’s a view from behind so you can see the cloaks. I used cold, desaturated colours fitting for these Northern barbarians!

I have several more units to share which I’m excited about. I hope you like them, what do you think?

18 thoughts on “New Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch!

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    • Hello, sorry for the late reply. I think I used a base of Vallejo Cold Grey (although I’m sure GW The Fang is similar). Washed the whole lot with Drakkenhoff Nightshade, then layered Cold Grey. Finished with edge highlights of Blue Horror I think. Hope this helps.

      I think you could also use Russ Grey or Fenrisian Grey to similar effect. Good luck with whatever you’re painting!


  2. Hi, i really love this model you made its beautiful, and I would like to make a similar build as this. I am new to the Warhammer, Age of Sigmar Universe and i do not have any experience painting with the citadel paints. Soo, what colors did you use ? 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me asking, but at least i hope it isen’t a secret! 🙂


    • Hi Elmgreen! Thanks for stopping by, glad to hear you like my work. I’m happy to share my recipe. I’ve putr some guidance in the blog article and some of the comments above yours.
      The secret is starting with a Kantor Blue Basecoat for the whole model. Then apply all the base colours for each element on the model (Vallejo Bronze for the armour, Leadbelcher for the weapons, Dryad Bark for the leather and Rackarth Flesh for the bone). When the base coats are dry, wash the whole model with Drakkenhoff Nightshade – this gives it the blue tone.

      Then use the base coat colour to do the first set of highlights for each element (leave the blue shading in the recesses and details). Then use Stormhost Silver to highlight a=the weapons and armour, Vallejo Field Blue for the cloaks, Gorthor Brown for the Leather andPallid Wych Flesh for the bone. I also used Baharroth Blue/ Templeguard blue for the magical glow.

      Hopw this helps!


  3. Hello, I congratulate you for your work on skeleton and chaos warrior, I wanted to ask if I can download one or two photo for my personal collection (no public broadcast) thank you


    • Hi Ed – thanks for getting in touch and for the courtesy. Please feel free to download, and if you ever do want to share these online or social media then plelase link back to my site and credit me 🙂


    • Hi, thanks for stopping by 😊
      I drybrush then glaze Vallejo Field Blue over Cantor Blue to build up the intensity. Edge highlights are done by mixing white and Vallejo Dead Flesh to Field Blue. Hope this helps!


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  5. Great stuff. Verys inspirational. Helping alot with ideas for a Tzeentchian warband for a Path to Glory campaign for Age of Sigmar.


    • Man I was so excited when they released Path of Glory rules!! I’m just waiting for my brother to make his Nurgle warband and we can get a campaign going! Great to hear that these minis have inspired you – thanks for taking time to say so 🙂


      • A step by step tutorial on how to paint these would be great, as I too have started a Path to Glory campaign with Tzeentch and these are beautifully painted and a true inspiration! Please help a fellow sorcerer out!

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