SHOWCASE: Bestigor Warband

When I was a kid first getting into Warhammer, Chaos armies used to be eclectic collections of all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures. Beastmen marched to war beside hunchbacked Chaos Warriors, enigmatic Chaos Champions and outlandish Daemons that were only available via mail order! Chaos is at its most magnificent when it is truly undivided. The opportunity to take wildly divergent units and unite them with a strong colour scheme is the perfect hobby challenge for me. So this time I’ve been working on some Bestigor as a bodyguard for my Great Bray-Shaman.

Most people paint their Beastmen with rusted and corroded battlegear, as if scavenged or primitively made. I’ve painted mine in the same shimmering bronze as my other Tzeentch aligned units. Although they aren’t how I picture Tzaangor to look (that requires a lot of modelling putty), I like how they fit into the rest of the army.

I imagine that their loyalty to my Chaos Lord has been bought with the newly forged armour that they wear. By contrast their foe-rending Great Axes are worn and dulled with the blood of countless battles.

I painted their tabards in the same blue as the Runeshields on my Chaos Warriors and chassis of my Chaos Chariot.

I’m pretty happy with how these guys turned out and will be adding the command group next!

Do you like your armies to look uniform, or do you prefer the unfettered chaos of many colours? As ever, if you like what we did or have comments/crits then please drop a line in the comments 🙂

7 thoughts on “SHOWCASE: Bestigor Warband

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. I painted the skin on these guys with a base of Charandon Granite (I think Skavenblight Dinge is similar), washed with Drakkenhoff Nightshade, Highlighted in layers with the base colour, then Stormvermin Fur, then Stormvermin Fur + Vallejo Khaki

      Reminds me that I must try this out on my Silver Tower Tzaangors some time soon!



  1. They look really cool. I’m in two minds if I should get these guys. I’ve seen some great conversions using these guys. In regards to your question I like my chaos and traitors to look like they all belong to the same army/Warband but not all coloured the same way or in the same pattern. Again, great job.

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  2. Nice looking beasts (as ever).
    “Chaos is at its most magnificent when it is truly undivided. The opportunity to take wildly divergent units and unite them with a strong colour scheme is the perfect hobby challenge for me. ” Very well put (and neatly encapsulating my own feelings). Personally I want unfettered chaos, I want creatures of all shapes and sizes all jumbled together, so a unified colour-scheme is a must to keep it looking like a cohesive collection rather than a circus.

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