SHOWCASE: Standard Bearer of Tzeentch

 At the heart of the horde a bronze-clad titan stood, implacable and immense. It bore a great icon wreathed in hellfire and around it’s helm, an unholy corona of wychflame glow’d.

Today I get to celebrate a hobby milestone that any painter can take pride in – a model featured in the hallowed pages of White Dwarf!

I’ve had this miniature in my collection for years but never got round to sharing it here on Technasma. This exalted champion holds aloft the Blasted Standard, a great beacon saturated in the maddening and sorcerous energy of Tzeentch.

I converted this mini from the base Chaos Lord kit. Although a fine model in its own right I always felt it was crying out to become a standard bearer. To this end I lengthened the spear and added a Blasted Standard (an old FineCast kit that is now out of production).

The head swap comes from an old plastic Chaos Forsaken. I must admit I really like the symmetry between the standard and the flame-wreathed horns of his helm. I also added a Dark Angels thurible hanging down from the banner.

I painted him in the same way as my other Tzeentch Slaves to Darkness. The armour is basecoated with Vallejo Bronze and shaded with Drakenhoff Nightshade. The magical flame effect is made by building Baharroth Blue and Temple Guard Blue glazes over an off-white basecoat. To increase the contrast and saturation I’ve used glazes of Sotek Green in the recesses too. Full recipe via PaintMyMinis here.

This was also the way I created the blue glow object source lighting (OSL). After I’d finished painting all the main parts of the model, I slowly built up the effect by applying thin glazes of Sotek Green. You increase the intensity of the glow by adding more and more layers as you move closer to the light source, and I then stared adding some Temple Guard Blue to the glaze mix. I then redefined the highlights with Temple Gaurd Blue and Baharroth Blue to complete the effect.

I was surprised and delighted to find that my model was featured in the April 2019 issue of White Dwarf. That’s a genuine hobby goal of mine achieved and it made my week!

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