WIP: Spireguard Watch Master

A lone figure stares out into an ocean so dark that it merges with the night sky – an inky, inexorable void. Somewhere in that vastness lurk his Deepkin masters and soon enough they will call upon him once more to do their bidding.

Hey folks, it’s #wipwednesday so I thought I’d share another mini on my workbench. Today it’s an aelven Spireguard Watch Master. I decided to paint him up when the Idoneth Deepkeen were first revealed, trying to emulate the Ionrach palette.

I still have to finish off the metallics and stopped painting him while I ordered some new paints. I wanted the gold to have a sea-aged green to it, as if gifted to him by the Idoneth. I’ve got some P3 Blighted Gold in order that should be perfect. I’ll need to finish the reflections in his sword blade too.

I’ll probably use this guy in Warhammer Quest and play him as an envoy to the Idoneth – a pawn to advance their agenda on land in the Mortal Realms.

I wanted him to look haunted, living in the shadow of his dread masters. Perhaps he even questions his own sanity – are the Idoneth just a vivid nightmare, an otherworldly hallucination born from a subconscious terror of the ocean depths? Yet the voice in his mind is vivid and it’s edict unquestionable – the Deepkin must have their tithe or the Mortal Realms will drown.

Let me know what you think in the comments. What are you working on this week?

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