WIP: Blanchitsu Crypt Horror

Ghastly shrieks and guttural howls come from deep within the necropolis. The charnel stench of open graves belies the presence of the corpse-eaters. Surely, to venture further through these forsaken crypts would be to consign oneself to eternal residence amongst the silent, desecrated dead…

Just a quick blog post today to show you some work on the first of a unit of Age of Sigmar Crypt Horrors I’ve been working on.Age-of-Sigmar-Crypt-Horror-blanchitsu-4

These are some of the most underrated models Games Workshop make. I must admit that I wasn’t a fan when they were released, but much of that was down to the colour scheme the ‘Eavy Metal team had chosen. In bare plastic, these miniatures have so much dynamism and covey real sense of raw power.


Imagine if this came charging out of the shadows at you!

As with may of my Blanchitsu style models I begin messy with dry brushes of Mechrite Red and Scorched Brown over a black undercoat to set the underlying colour values and add some contrast.

I then slowly build up the skin tones over the base colours with successive glazes of Bleached Bone – over 20 different layers in all! Next I tint the skin with very thin glazes of Graveyard Earth, Bubonic Brown, Agrathax Earthshade and black. This helps me model light and shadow on the miniature. Its particularly effective on models like this which have very pronounced detail and musculature.


Then washes and glazes of reds added to back and other areas of raw skin – started off with Vallejo Dark Red and Scab Red. Bleached bone re-applied. – repeated this process until happy with effect.

Bones painted same way as my Skeletons but I added more yellow to the mix and not as many highlights. This was to contrast from the bone coloured skin tone. I applied red washes and glazes added to create dried blood effects for extra gory detail.


I’m pretty pleased with how this guy is progressing so far – let me know what you think in the comments below!

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