SHOWCASE: Chaos Knights of Tzeentch – Age of Sigmar

Coruscating energies unfurl from arcane Realm Gates and the thunderous sound of hoves echoes from the mist. Tzeentch’s chosen ride to war!

So I finally got round to finishing my Chaos Knights of Tzeentch, several years after starting the project! In that time, my painting style has improved and there are areas I would probably do differently if I were to start from scratch again, but I’m still pretty pleased with them.


The Knights ride to battle armed with Ensorcelled Weapons, which are painted as if glowing with eldrich energy. The barding on the horses is painted blue, in the same way as the shields of my Warriors of Chaos and Chaos Chariot.


Regular readers may recognise these two from an earlier post. Whilst I was finishing the project I decided to rebase the unit using the new Age of Sigmar oval bases. This has made such a difference to these miniatures – they never really ranked up before, and they look so much more dynamic and imposing now!

Tzeentch has blessed his favoured warriors with mystically imbued weapons – you can see some close ups below.


You can check out some extra angles over on our Instagram chanel this week. If you thought these guys were a Knight to remember then feel free to leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “SHOWCASE: Chaos Knights of Tzeentch – Age of Sigmar

    • Hi Sam, thanks for commenting. The main colours are Vallejo paints Bronze and Field Blue. I used drybrusing then layering over a dark blue (I used Necron Abyss but think that’s not available any more) base coat for both.

      I used drakkenhoff nightshade to get the blue tone to the amour, basing and any flesh on the models too .

      hope this helps, happy painting!


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