Let There Be Blood! Blanchitsu Daemon

Enticed from the empyrean by the tang of sacrificial blood, a lesser daemon of Khorne manifests into the material realm.

Khorne has been getting a lot of love recently, so to honour the Blood God today we present one of his minions. This is a bit of a throw back to a mini that was painted a few years ago. This guy is the first of many models painted in a ‘Blanchitsu’ style, and ultimately spawned an entire army of Vampire Counts painted in this way!

In the same way as the Cairn Wraith that we featured a few weeks ago, the colours on the Bloodletter were built up from a dark crimson basecoat. Highlights were added with drybrushing and glazes of off-white and bone to emulate the style of John Blanche’s concept art. The scales were picked out in Vallejo Model Scrofulous Brown .

The hellblade was dulled down with several glazes of brown and sepia paints and some Devlan Mud wash. I then went back to pick out the sharp edges with Mithril Silver.

It was good fun to tackle a Khorne model that isn’t just blood red! They have a really creepy, almost alien feel to them, that I just love. At some point we’d like to work on a Khorne Goretide army for Age of Sigmar – the new models are simply fantastic.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Let There Be Blood! Blanchitsu Daemon

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  4. Thanks for the likes and positive comments guys, really glad that you like this mini! I wanted to step away from the usual red devil colour scheme that you usually see on Khornate models – I think the blanchitsu vibe really plays up the creepy nature of Bloodletters!


  5. That’s pure awesomeness. The red and off-white/bone color really works well, especially segmented as you have it. The flow of the model is great and the red shading on the white parts just pulls it all together. It’s just an extremely well executed model.

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